What To Know About Thyroid Surgery

How thyroid surgery from your ENT, head and neck surgery specialists in Los Angeles, CA, can help you.

Your ENT specialist is an expert at diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the head and neck. Thyroid issues are a common condition that your ENT specialist can treat.

Dr. Jahangir Sharifi and Dr. Cheryl Nocon at L.A. Sinus & Allergy Specialists in Los Angeles, CA, provide a wide range of ENT and head and neck surgery services, including thyroid surgery.

These are some indications you may need thyroid surgery, according to the American Thyroid Association:

  • A nodule causing an increase in thyroid hormone production
  • A nodule compressing your trachea, causing swallowing difficulty
  • A potentially cancerous nodule
  • A diagnosis of thyroid cancer

Your risk of thyroid cancer increases if you:

  • Are a woman
  • Have a family history of thyroid cancer
  • Have had exposure to high levels of radiation

Thyroid cancer can sneak up on you because you may experience little to no signs or symptoms until the cancer is advanced. As thyroid cancer progresses, you may experience:

  • Throat or neck pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Hoarseness and other changes in your voice
  • Swollen lymph nodes in your neck which can be felt through your skin

Your ENT specialist will determine whether you need thyroid surgery. The first step is to visit your ENT specialist who will perform a comprehensive medical examination which includes imaging, and laboratory testing including blood tests.

Your ENT specialist can perform surgery to remove a nodule or abnormal tissue. The tissue sample or nodule can be sent for a biopsy to determine if there is evidence of thyroid cancer.

Your ENT specialist can discuss options to treat thyroid cancer including chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of treatments.

To learn more about thyroid surgery and how it can benefit you, call Dr. Jahangir Sharifi and Dr. Cheryl Nocon at L.A. Sinus & Allergy Specialists in Los Angeles, CA. You can reach them in the office by calling (323) 226-0022, so call today.

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