Voice and Larynx

Treatment for Voice and Larynx Disorders

At LA Sinus, we can diagnose and treat voice and larynx disorders from hoarseness to tumors. Initial evaluation is made with complete exam which may include an office laryngoscopy procedure to visualize the vocal cords and surrounding.

What’s involved with Laryngoscopy?

The simple form of indirect laryngoscopy utilizes a small mirror and a light to look into your throat. This procedure only takes 5 to 10 minutes and may include a numbing spray.

Direct fiber-optic laryngoscopy is also known as flexible laryngoscopy. Your doctor will insert the small telescope up the nose and down into the throat. This procedure normally takes less than 10 minutes with either numbing medication and/or decongestant for opening the nasal passages.

The other option called direct laryngoscopy is considered the most involved type and can takes up to 45 minutes. The patient is given a general anesthesia and the physician removes small growths or takes tissue samples for testing. Tissue samples results may take 3 to 5 days.

Surgery is performed in the operating room with video endoscopic visualization and sometimes laser assisted surgery. This is an outpatient procedure with little to no post operative pain involved.

How to prepare

With the direct laryngoscopy, you’ll be instructed not to eat or drink anything before the procedure as well as stop certain medications for a period of time.


Further treatment may include anything from medications to speech therapy to surgery if indicated.

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